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Organic Sabja Seed (सब्जा बीज) (350gm) (Pack of 2)

Organic Sabja Seed (सब्जा बीज) (350gm) (Pack of 2)

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Basil is considered to be a native of India and Iran, it enjoyed great reverence amongst the royals and was regarded as a sacred herb in native India. In can be taken with milk before going to bed to ease constipation. These seeds are loaded with fibre which gives sensation of fullness throughout the day and you don't feel much hunger. It is also full of fibre, so keeps your stomach satisfied for longer time.

Key features –

  • Helps in Weight Loss
  • Helps in Controls Blood Sugar Levels
  • Helps in Reduces Body Heat
  • Relieves Constipation and Bloating
  • Treats Acidity and Heartburn
  • For Healthy Skin and Hair
  • Helps to Cures Cough and Flu
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