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Organic Ragi Whole (रागी) (900gm) (Pack of 2)

Organic Ragi Whole (रागी) (900gm) (Pack of 2)

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Mittal Organics' Organic Ragi Whole Grain, a nutrient-rich marvel that brings nature's goodness to your table. Sourced from organic farms, this 900gm pack of Ragi, also known as Finger Millet, is a powerhouse of nutrition. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, Ragi is a versatile whole grain that adds a nutritious punch to your meals.

Our commitment to organic farming ensures that you receive a product free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. This pack is perfect for those seeking a healthier alternative, whether you're making Ragi malt, incorporating it into your daily meals, or exploring creative recipes. The natural richness of Ragi complements a balanced diet and supports overall well-being.

This 900gm pack is conveniently sized to fit into your pantry, offering a sustainable and nutritious option for the whole family. Whether you're a health-conscious individual or a culinary enthusiast, Mittal Organics' Organic Ragi Whole Grain is a valuable addition to your kitchen. Elevate your meals with the goodness of nature – choose Mittal Organics for a healthier, tastier lifestyle.

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