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Organic Moong Sabut (मूंग साबुत) (850gm) (Pack of 2)

Organic Moong Sabut (मूंग साबुत) (850gm) (Pack of 2)

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Pack of 2

Size: 850gm + 850gm

Mittal Organics' Organic Moong Sabut, a nutritious culinary gem that brings the essence of traditional farming to your kitchen. Sourced from the finest organic farms, these green moong whole beans are carefully selected for their quality and purity. Packed in a convenient 850gm pack, this offering ensures you have a bountiful supply of these nutrient-rich legumes.

Mittal Organics takes pride in delivering a product that goes beyond mere sustenance; it's a commitment to your well-being and a sustainable lifestyle. The green moong whole beans are cultivated using organic farming practices, free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals, ensuring that you receive the purest form of this pantry essential.

Experience the versatility of these moong beans as they serve as the perfect foundation for a variety of wholesome dishes. From traditional Indian dal preparations to innovative salads and stir-fries, these green moong whole beans add a nutritious touch to your culinary creations. With their mild flavor and firm texture, they become a canvas for your culinary creativity.

Rich in protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, Mittal Organics' Organic Moong Sabut not only contributes to a balanced diet but also supports sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices. Elevate your cooking with these green moong whole beans and savor the authentic taste of nature, packed with goodness in every bite.

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