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Organic Mace (Javitri) (जावित्री)

Organic Mace (Javitri) (जावित्री)

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Indulge in the exotic aroma and rich flavor of Mittal Organics' Organic Mace (Javitri), a 50gm pack of pure goodness harvested from the finest organic farms. Mace, the lacy, red outer covering of the nutmeg seed, is renowned for its warm, slightly sweet taste, and is a versatile spice in both sweet and savory dishes.

Our commitment to organic farming practices ensures that each strand of Mace in this 50gm pack is free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals, preserving its natural essence. The meticulous harvesting and processing techniques employed by Mittal Organics guarantee a spice that not only enhances the taste of your culinary creations but also aligns with your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Unleash the culinary potential of Mace in your kitchen, whether it's adding depth to curries, biryanis, or desserts. The 50gm pack is designed for convenience, allowing you to experiment with this fragrant spice in various recipes without compromising on freshness.

Experience the warmth and depth of flavor that Mittal Organics' Organic Mace brings to your dishes. Elevate your cooking with this aromatic spice, and savor the true essence of organic, handpicked Mace. Spice up your culinary journey with Mittal Organics – where quality meets authenticity in every sprinkle.

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