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Organic Little Millet (Kutki Bajra) (बाजरी) (900gm) (Pack of 2)

Organic Little Millet (Kutki Bajra) (बाजरी) (900gm) (Pack of 2)

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Indulge in the goodness of ancient grains with Mittal Organics' Little Millet (Bajri). In this 400g pack, we bring you a nutritional powerhouse that transcends the ordinary. Harvested with care, Little Millet is a versatile addition to your pantry, offering a range of health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients like fiber, iron, and B vitamins, this gluten-free grain promotes digestive health and provides sustained energy. Its delicate nutty flavor and slightly chewy texture make it a delightful choice for various culinary creations.

Whether you're exploring gluten-free recipes, diversifying your grain intake, or simply looking for a nutritious alternative, Mittal Organics' Little Millet is a smart choice. Our commitment to organic farming ensures that you receive a product free from pesticides and chemicals, allowing you to savor the pure, unadulterated goodness of Little Millet. Enhance your meals with the wholesome charm of this ancient grain – a small yet mighty addition to your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Discover the simplicity of nature's bounty with Mittal Organics' Little Millet (Bajri) – where nutrition meets purity, and every grain tells a story of well-being.

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