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Organic Chana Sabut (चना साबूत)

Organic Chana Sabut (चना साबूत)

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Discover the wholesome goodness of our Chana Sabut (Whole Chickpeas) - a kitchen essential packed with nutritional benefits. Sourced from the finest chickpeas, each 0.85kg pack is a treasure trove of protein, fiber, and essential nutrients. The unprocessed, whole form ensures that you experience the pure, unadulterated flavor and texture of these legumes.

Chana Sabut is a versatile ingredient, perfect for creating a myriad of savory dishes. Whether you're preparing classic curries, hearty stews, or nutritious salads, the firm texture and nutty taste of whole chickpeas add depth and substance to your culinary creations. Elevate your cooking with the robust, earthy notes that Chana Sabut brings to the table.

Packed with dietary fiber, these chickpeas contribute to digestive health and provide a satisfying, long-lasting feeling of fullness. The 0.85kg packaging ensures a convenient and ample supply for your kitchen, allowing you to explore various recipes and experiment with the wholesome goodness of Chana Sabut.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond taste and nutrition. Sourced from trusted farms and processed with care, our Chana Sabut is free from additives and preservatives, giving you the confidence that what you're putting on your plate is pure, natural, and nourishing.

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