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Organic Chivda Khatta Meetha (चिवड़ा खट्टा मीठा)

Organic Chivda Khatta Meetha (चिवड़ा खट्टा मीठा)

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Mittal Organics Premium Organic Chivda Khatta Meetha. This 300g pack is a celebration of Rajasthani Namkeen, meticulously crafted with a blend of organic whole spices that elevate the taste to a new level. Savor the essence of authentic Indian flavors in every crunchy bite.

Our commitment to quality shines through in this organic namkeen, free from preservatives and GMOs. We prioritize your health, ensuring that each handful is a guilt-free snack option. Mittal Organics brings you the wholesome goodness of carefully selected organic ingredients, creating a delightful harmony of sweet and tangy notes.

This Chivda Khatta Meetha is more than just a snack; it's a journey through the vibrant streets of Rajasthan, where every ingredient tells a story. The medley of flavors, from the tanginess of raw mango to the sweetness of jaggery, creates a symphony of taste that captures the spirit of traditional Indian snacking.

Whether you're hosting guests or craving a satisfying munch, Mittal Organics' Premium Organic Chivda Khatta Meetha is the perfect companion. Packed with the goodness of organic whole spices, this snack is a testament to our dedication to providing you with not just a treat, but a healthy and flavorful experience.

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