The Power of Purity in Organic Pulses

The Power of Purity in Organic Pulses

Pulses such as lentils, bean, chickpeas and peas have several benefits which helps in a balanced diet. Since they are high in nutrients which are vital for our proper body function. Organic pulses are low in fat and high in fiber which helps to maintain the blood cholesterol and reduces the chance of heart disease. The low glycemic index makes it suitable for individual with diabetes. Regular consumption of the organic pulses reduces the risk of diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes. They are rich in anti-inflammatory and anti- cancer properties. People who are in search of a plant- based protein organic pulses are an excellent option alternative to animal proteins as it has essential amino acids necessary for building and repairing body tissues.


Organic pulses and organic farming

Organic pulses are also used in organic farming, and the cultivation practices are complete without synthetic pesticides and no use of any chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. It is also a best choice for don’t want to consuming synthetic chemicals. The other potential benefits are as follows:

  • Nutritional Benefit Impact on Environmental 
  • Decrease in chemical exposure 
  • Increases soil health 
  • Impact on taste and quality

It is essential to check the advantage of the pulses depending on various factors like soil conditions, type of farming practices and post–harvest practices. It is always recommended to see for certification recognized by the organization such as ECOCERT INDIA. In order to confirm the products are following a standards must certify the organic pulses to the requirements of the NPOP (NATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTION), must certify your organic agricultural products according to the requirements of the NPOP (NATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTION) to confirm that the products are following organic standards.

The derivation of purity of organic pulses is use without the use of any sort of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organism. These pulses are grown using natural farming practices the give importance to natural pest control and sustainability of environment. When we choose organic pulses it is important to get the benefit of nutrient with less exposure to chemical and promote sustainable food system.

The purity of organic pulses is called the absence of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and any contaminants in the processing and cultivation of organic pulses. Some of the aspects that help to the purity of organic pulses:


Some aspects that contribute to the purity of organic pulses:

Synthetic pesticides:  Organic farming prevents any synthetic pesticides and instead depend on natural pest control method such as crop rotation, companion planting and biological pest management 

Chemical Fertilizers:  Relying on natural fertilizers like compost, manure and cover crops to improve the soil and provide essential nutrients to the plants. The organic pulses are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Genetic Modification: Organic pulses are cultivated using traditional breeding methods and do not contain genetically engineered traits or DNA. In the case of organic pulses, they are not genetically modified.

Contaminants: Organic certification standards require strict adherence to guidelines regarding soil health, water quality, and processing methods. This helps minimize the risk of contamination by heavy metals, pathogens, and other harmful substances.

Organic certification programs, such as USDA Organic in the United States, enforce rigorous standards to ensure the purity and integrity of organic pulses. These standards include inspections, documentation, and traceability to verify that organic farming practices are followed from seed to shelf. When you choose certified organic pulses, you can have confidence in their purity and adherence to organic principles.



In conclusion. Pulses offers various health benefit, low in fat, high in fiber and providing essential vitamins. Organic pulses   cultivated using organic farming practices that prioritize sustainability, biodiversity, and the absence of synthetic chemicals. They offer a range of benefits, including high nutritional value, reduced chemical exposure, improved soil health, and a focus on taste and quality. Organic certification programs ensure the purity and integrity of organic pulses, giving consumers confidence in their organic status. By choosing organic pulses, individuals can enjoy the health benefits of nutrient-rich, chemical-free food while supporting environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture.

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