Snack Attack: Discovering the spicy world of Ratlami Sev.

Snack Attack: Discovering the spicy world of Ratlami Sev.

Ratlami Sev is the go-to snack attack for all age groups of people. Since chickpea or gram flour is used to make sev, they have a crunchy consistency and are noodle-shaped, broken into small pieces. They are also seasoned with mild spices. They are often served as toppings besides being consumed as a standalone snack.

The legend behind the origin:

As the fable goes, the Mughals were visiting the region of Ratlam. Ratlam is now a small town in Madhya Pradesh. Back in the day, it was a princely state called Ratnapuri. There they wanted to have vermicelli. However, wheat was unavailable in Ratlam during that period. So, the locals from Bhil made them using gram flour. It marks the origin of Ratlami Sev. 

The local tribes claim that the sev, previously called Bhildi Sev, has been a town tradition for over 200 years. It has been commercially produced since the early 1900s. This savory snack was awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) tag in 2014. 

The reason behind the popularity of Ratlami Sev:

The five reasons why it is so favored:

  1. Healthy snacks: They are full of fibers, proteins, and other nutrients. They help in boosting digestion. They not only keep you full but also provide energy. It is packed with complex carbohydrates which are suitable for health. The snacks are very effortless to prepare. When cooked in small batches, they can be quickly made without much error. The dish is not elaborate and can be stored for future use.
  1. Cheap and fulfilling: They do not require a ton of ingredients to make. They are cheap to make or can be store-bought. They are a good meal choice because of their exclusive flavors and affordability. You can make a variety of dishes like curries from sev. They can also be used as flavoring. They instantly upgrade any meal with an assortment of spices filled in it.
  1. Variety of flavors: The spices in Ratlami sev are a treat for the tastebuds. They usually contain black pepper, clover, and cumin seeds. Additional seasonings include black salt, red chili powder, garam masala, turmeric, asafoetida, amchur powder, and salt, ground to a fine powder. They add a mild Indian tinge to the dish without overwhelming the senses. It is a fantastic dish for being introduced to the Indian cuisine. 
  1. Versatile and easy to customize: They are very adaptable. They can be had with roti or rice. The ingredients can be swapped to make it less spicy. They can also be made with vegetables instead of using lentils. Even beans are sometimes used to make these flavourful dishes. You can prepare it any way you want without compromising on the goodness. 
  1. Gluten-free and vegan: It is a simple dish to make. It has high protein and fiber content. It is a good alternative for vegans. People having a gluten allergy can also have them. It is a good diet snack. They have a high fiber content and many nutrients. The calorie count is also low. It provides an energy boost and suppresses hunger pangs. The high protein helps build up muscles. 


Ratlami Sev is the perfect comfort food on a budget. These snacks, which have been around for centuries, have recently gained the much-needed spotlight. It is amazing as a quick midnight snack or as a full-course meal. For people who want this healthy and organic snack on the go, Mittal Organics has fresh Ratlami sev to suit your tastebuds. Made from a fine blend of gram flour, clove, pepper, and other secret spices, these are a perfect go-to snack.

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