Is Namkeen Harmful? – A myth Breaker

Is Namkeen Harmful? – A myth Breaker

As we all know, namkeens are the favorite snacks in every Indian household. But it also has a reputation for being unhealthy because of its ingredients and the oil with which it is fried. You must have come across the fact that many manufacturers adulterate the nutritious chickpea flour used for namkeens with all-purpose flour and how the oil quality is also substandard. But did you know namkeen can also be healthy? It might be hard to believe that you can savor the deliciousness of namkeen and get the best health benefits out of it. Here are some of the points that are going to bust the myth relating to namkeens:

Namkeen can be made using nutritious oil:

 It is common knowledge amongst people that namkeens are often cooked using hydrogenated oil at high temperatures. This can increase the risk of cholesterol and cause weight gain and many other lifestyle diseases. However, when one consumes organic namkeen, they can protect themselves from this. Organic namkeens are usually cooked using groundnut oil. With Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Omega-3 fatty acids, and monounsaturated fats, groundnut oil is considered suitable for heart health and helps control cholesterol. 

They can be high in nutrients and low in calories:

Given that namkeens have a reputation for having very few nutrients and high calories, we might end up consuming a lot of them. The market-made Bhujia, for instance, might look like they are lightweight and suitable for casual snacking. But did you know that each spoon of Bhujia has 78 calories in it? When you have ten spoons, you consume 780 calories on the go. It can serve as a primary setback regarding your weight loss goals. However, what if we had the bhujia similar in taste but low in calories and rich in nutrients? When one opts for organic Bhujia, they get groundnut oil cooked Bhujia with chickpea flour instead of the one adulterated with all-purpose flour. Since Organic Bhujia is rich in nutrients, you don’t end up consuming a lot and get nutritional value out of it. 

Namkeen can be stored using natural preservatives:

Store-bought snacks are usually manufactured in mass, and they are made in a way that they have a long shelf life. To ensure this, the manufacturer uses a lot of synthetic preservatives. These preservatives are carcinogenic, and they are known to have a severe impact on your health. On the contrary, many natural preservatives are available and are also considered quite adequate for your health. When you go for organic snacks, you will find that there is little to no presence of such synthetic preservatives, and they are enriched with a natural alternative instead. 

They can also have high fiber content:

Since many store-bought Namkeens use all-purpose flour, their fiber content is relatively low. As we know, consuming a lot of low-fiber food can have a health impact on us, like lack of satiety after eating, constipation, high blood sugar, and many more. Fiber is known for supporting gut and microbiome health. When our body lacks such fiber, we experience the abovementioned lifestyle diseases. However, if our Namkeen is made out of highly fibrous and nutritious chickpea flour, Chana, Jowar, etc., we not only get the required fiber for our body but are also enriched with good nutrients. When one gets organic Namkeen, they not only protect themselves from blank calories from all-purpose flour but also get nutrient and fiber-rich food. 

Namkeen is and will always be an integral part of an Indian household. It makes an important part when it comes to festivities and get-togethers. Since these savory snacks are here to stay, why not make them healthy and nutritious? So next time when you go to buy Namkeen, make a note of all the factors to consider and then buy accordingly. 

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