5 Essential Foods for Monsoon

5 Essential Foods for Monsoon

From children to grown-ups, there’s always something monsoon has to offer everyone. Everyone celebrates monsoons in their own way. The season is all about thunder and lightning. However, with the cracking, lightning, and thunder come various illnesses like the common cold, fever, or maybe even Dengue or Malaria, thanks to the mosquitoes that prevail during the rains.

To build up your immune system and prevent yourself from such diseases, one needs to eat healthy every day. You can make it easier to resist the monsoon diseases; we have jotted down a few essential foods for monsoon ones must consume.


Experts claim that green leafy vegetables reduce the body's exposure to 80% of common diseases. The immune system's strength is a key factor that decides people's health during the Monsoon. Eating vegetables are the great foods for monsoon that will eventually result in strengthening immunity and keeps people healthy.

People must note that their veggies are supposed to be fresh and have a surplus in nutrition. Biting into a carrot that's been around for a month and drinking a freshly opened diet coke is on the same level of bad nutrition.  Some vegetables that can get people through the rough Monsoon are carrots, teasel gourd, spinach, and most importantly, bottle gourd.


Nothing beats a bowl of hot soup early in a monsoon morning. In addition to keeping people hydrated, soup is filling, nutritious, and will help in avoiding the virus.

Soup is best enjoyed with additional herbs like garlic, some ginger for a clean stomach for the rest of the day, and some black pepper for extra taste. Non-vegetarians can drink chicken soup as there's nothing wrong with non-veg being their first meal of the day. But this doesn't mean any ordinary soup like the readymade ones in the market. It is suggested to make it at home and consume it fresh instead of munching on a bowl of unhealthy noodles.

Tea (Herbal)

Herbal tea is the easiest solution in keeping the immunity system resistant to the threat of monsoon season. Consuming these foods for monsoon with include at least one cup of this tea daily would greatly benefit a person in terms of weight loss and belly fat reduction.

It is best taken with additional elements like ginger for stomach cleansing, cardamom, and some black pepper for taste. This warms up the body, preparing it fully for the cold outside. Sugar isn't suggested because it makes it less healthy. If a person desires taste, they can add honey instead. This doesn't affect the sweetness and retains the tea's full potential.


Monsoon, winter, or summer. It doesn't matter because fruits are mandatory in everyone's diet regardless of the time of the year. Since this article focuses on rainy days, fruits are essential foods for Monsoon. Consuming hydrated fruits like cucumber, watermelon, and others benefits the skin. They contain 95% water which keeps the body hydrated at all times.

High retinol-containing ones like mangoes, papaya, and apricot help build the immunity system. Some are easy to find because they are grown only during this season, like peaches and cherries. However, people must remember that washing these fruits before consumption is a must because the bacteria on the outer layer can sometimes be harmful.


The last item on the list is sprouts. Small in size but are largely beneficial for the immune system, especially if someone wants to avoid diseases like dengue, malaria, etc.

These are grown in the monsoon season and boost immunity so are considered to be the best foods for monsoon.

These tiny seeds of chana, moong and grains are rich in protein; having them before breakfast would have the best results. One must remember that soaking these seeds the night before and consuming this foods for monsoon morning is the best way to eat sprouts.


These are the five essential foods for monsoon season. If you wish to stay healthy during the cold rainy showers and resist the threats posed by different diseases, you need to instantly adapt to a healthier diet that contains 100% organic products. This monsoon, buy the organic food suggested in the article and enjoy the rain with good health.

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